Storyboarder - The best and easiest way to storyboard




Can you tell me whats the use of it? is it like creating a prototype of game :confused: ? Lets say I want to make a cutscene in my game which is in game maker, Can this help?


It makes storyboarding and making animatics a lot easier. You can sort of think of a story board as a visualization of a script. It doesn’t focus on details, but rather focuses on what each shot looks like, where the camera is, how it cuts in and out, scene transitions, basically a lot of meta, as well as of course what everyone sees and what is in the scene.

So this is a just a drawing tool that focuses only on that aspect, of storyboarding. It also exports and imports from photoshop; it also lets you print out sheets, draw on them and then import them back. Export into gif, or pdf and to editing software etc.

They have huge page full explaining what it does :slight_smile:


Storyboarding heavily helps in UX flows before making a UX prototype, here’s a good article that explains it in detail : LINK

Even though, I would say that the storyboards and prototypes in the article look high fidelity, because it’s too detailed. The ideal scenario should be that storyboards are super quick to iterate and distill out what works and what doesn’t, people shouldn’t be afraid to redo it again and again.

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