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My name is Rishi and I am part of the game dev industry from the past 7 years primarily as a designer and producer but I’ve done various roles in the past.

I’m based in Bangalore and I play a lot of games on mobile mostly or FIFA and other interesting side scrollers that I can get my hands onto. Also play board games which is fun :slight_smile:

I dont play much on PC or console so it would be pointless to provide my steam(riskyeagle) or origin id(rks_89)

Lets get talking YO!!!


@dheeraj, @vivek, @hindusingh, @anand2017, @Akshay, @akhilnivarthi, @slarti, @Madclaws, @Jitesh , @Mridul_pancholi please introduce yourselves :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello everyone,
My name is Dheeraj and i am Cocos2dx Game developer currently working at Hashstash .

I play casual and puzzle games on mobile . I am new to PC or console , but i got interested in these after a gaming session at Hashstash and now i’m learning about these things .


Hello there!

I’m Sid a game developer from Bangalore and one half of the indie game studio Dastan Games.
I’m primarily a programmer but also take on the roles of game designer and writer from time to time. Great to be part of the growing game development scene in India.

I love playing interesting games on my Mac and PS4. Currently I’m in gaming heaven playing the Witcher 3 and Persona 5!


Hey everyone,

I am Vivek Jha, Game Developer at Hashstash. I live in Delhi and I have worked with Unity, GameMaker and cocos2dx.
Some of the games I like are GTA, Assassin’s creed, Far cry, NFS, Counter strike.
My steam handle is vkphillia.



Hi guys,
I am Anshul. I am essentially a programmer but I do end up messing around with all the aspects of a game. Currently I am working at SuperSike Games.

My steam handle is maniacanshul, do add me I am always up for playing games. :slight_smile:
(just in case someone is wondering to gift me something :stuck_out_tongue: )
Just kidding or maybe not.

You can visit the following to have a look of what I have done so far.
PS: I am still working on it so as of now nothing is there but soon it’ll be up.


Hi there! I’m Abdulmatin, Matin for short. I am Programmer and Artist, more into Pixel Arts at the moment. I’m currently working solo on a fast-paced Fantasy Action/RPG named Neera: Dark Secrets. Yep, that’s my fav genre. :slight_smile:

My favorite game series is Kingdom Hearts. I’m inspired a lot by it.

You can follow me on Twitter: @MatinStudios or watch on DeviantArt. It’d be glad to know you. :smile:


Welcome everyone, welcome All.
Please explore this forum and jump into conversations (and start new ones), wherever you find it relevant.


Hey everyone! I am a 16 year old Pixel artist, game designer and game developer making my first game Alter army. Nice to meet you all :smiley::smile:


Hey! I’m Rahul Narayanan. I’m a game artist, currently working in Hypernova Interactive, Bangalore. I make smaller games on the side, mostly with my indie team: Diptoman and Pranjal(Zombies Indie House)

I’m a huge fan of anime, jrpgs, and creating cool characters! I love creating fanart of my favorite shows in my free time
Currently playing tf out of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

You can follow my art page on facebook:


Hey ! I’m Joseph Raphael . I’m a game designer student , currently working on creating a demo game with mindz inc
I’m a huge fan of anime , exploring places and i sketch alot for fun. I love playing first person shooting games and also anime related games .

You can visit the following to have a look of what I have done so far.

Hoping to meet some awesome people here :smiley:


Hello everyone,
My name is Harshit varshney and i am a budding game designer who is busy opening chests in clash royale and shooting heads in rainbow six siege.

I enjoy playing competitive games and also games like night in the woods, braid, spelunky, etc.
Love talking about elements of game design and at the same time enjoy criticizing them.

Currently in my “non gaming time” i watch gdc talks and keynotes mostly.

Feel free to message me or tag me if you think i can be of help in any means.


Hi all,
I am anandu pavanan game developer at gamezop,Delhi.


Hello everyone, I am Akhil Nivarthi. I’m a Game Designer. Me and my friends recently started a studio (Smash Head Studio), and currently working on a shooter game with a small twist.

I play a lot a Roguelikes, Puzzle games. And here is my steam handle akhilnivarthi


Looks like I never posted here. Let me start here. I’m a Game Artist, primarily 3D Environment, Prop and World art.

It’s a pleasure being here. :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

I’m not a game developer but an enthusiast and found this community via FB. I’m a digital strategist now resided in China.

few of my fav games: ibb & obb, Guacamelee, samorost 3

I represent ugChain, a company based in Beijing. We are currently working on decentralized game account system for Game distribution, Game Prepayment and Prop Purchase. Currently we are interested to work with local indie devs based out in India to integrate our platform within your games.

We are also trying to organize esport events in India by early Jan 2018.

I’ll send more details over email if anyone’s interested.

Sorry for promoting my firm here but I joined these guys because of their idea of blockchain + gaming.

@admins can I post the company info and whitepaper in the General Category as a new topic?


Hello everyone,
I am Praveen, a game developer from Chennai .Have been into gaming industry for the past 3 years.
I started making games using C++ & Opengl, Java libgdx and later moved to C# Unity Engine.

I love playing 8-bit games :slight_smile: on my nes console and also play a lot of PC games such as Doom 2016, Quake 3, Rise of nations, Payday2, Insurgency and also try new indie games irrespective of genres. When I am tired of coding, I spend time in drawing sci-fi stuffs , nature and other live sketches @ praveenmax.deviantart

Hoping to have good collaborating here with fellow artists and developers… ! :wink:


I’m Iron from Noida.
I play and make games.
Also sometimes i write crazy stuff for shits and giggles.


Hey Guys I am Harsh and I am essentially a Game Programmer.

I am 17 and started with Unreal 3 Years Back and Now I am working on a Hack and Slash RPG (Just for my Portfolio).