Everything good and bad about witcher 3


Hello there,
This thread is for everyone who has played witcher 3 and has shareable opinions about it.(of course you have opinions, unless you an NPC)
Pour them down here and we might have a quality time reading different perspectives. To make this thread stay here for some time, we will pick a topic and “ponder” around it.
Happy hunting.


Here’s what i think about witcher 3.

A lush and war crippled world made with magic around it which has dissolved in it with beauty. People need each other’s help, the characters look organic enough, the dialogs and its delivery accompanied by amazing sound track in the background creates a feeling of satisfaction.
Geralt of Revia, our protagonist witcher, is done fairly poorly (as he is much more badass in the novel) but still creates an impression of “i will get the job done” in most of the scenarios which is important when it comes to designing a positive lead role. I adore the combat and the sound effects.
The characters, as i have already mentioned look and feel very much organic including the enemies and wild animals.
Things which i enjoyed in witcher 3:

Scavenging- give a whistle and you OP horse, Rouch, comes running to his master ready for an adventure.(well, most of the time)
I found most of the time i was busy searching for chests and different gear blueprints.
And the chests are fairly distributed, some times found by courage and some times by luck.

Main story was better than the side quests(unlike skyrim)- From the very start it holds the player in the clutches of emotions and with a stoic character like Geralt becomes less stoic as the game processes which shows how you and the character simultaneously grew in the game.

Combat- the parry is rather easy with humans but dodge when you face a monster.
And the game gets easy even on the most difficult mode.
I like the the slashing animations as Geralt looks like a trained swordsmen and also hits like one.

A game where DLCs are completely new part of the game.
They were much more more experimental in the dlc as long as the fantasy type theme was concerned.

Things which i did not like in witcher 3:

Side quests-
Alright, i know i am a witcher who works errand and helps people out of there misery but shouldn’t Geralt show more reluctance for the main mission.
The sense of urgency is completely loss when Yennifer is somewhere waiting for you and you are helping an old lady find her old pan.
I would really loved it if people could be a little more aware of the situations in the surroundings and just request Geralt to come later when he is done with the urgent work.(when he is not in a mission that is)
I would love to see something like that in a game.
Got a lot to talk about on this one. Anyways, moving on.

Witcher sense:
The witcher sense is game devs saying here is something which tells where to look cause you won’t be able to find things on your own.
I might be wrong but i enjoy noob friendly games but the game should be made around the missions and then witcher sense can be something which can be disabled in the settings.
What happens here is you just need to toggle witcher sense to complete most of the missions. Which makes it a little patronising kind.

MiniMaps and hand holding-
Minimaps are good as they provide the player with orientation and gives direction. But if you try it without the map it gives you a feeling of satisfaction and also a different vertical to player agency.
Getting lost is ok. Is what am trying to say and also missions brief should be informative enough for player to recognise things in his surrounding and complete the objective without the minimap.

Got much more to talk. Sorry for my broken English.
I would love to hear what do you guys think about the game and also my perspective towards the game.


Honestly, the game is very well made. The heart and effort CD Projekt Red has poured into this is evident by the way each quest is framed. Albeit being mundane each quest has a substance of its own.
The game, however, can be summed up in this phrase: ‘A TellTale game where you can roll’. I think this is a general problem among ‘open world’ games; even though each quest progresses the overall narrative of the game it fails to make sense apart from the fact that the player has ’ a lot to do’ in the game. Content does feel streamlined into the game just to push it a minute longer.



Streamlined quests are half-assed and made around the side mechanics rather than bring made around the world/people/map. For example most of the side quests require you to use witcher sense and complete that mission without the feel of exploration. Those side missions could have been coherent enough so that as a player you dont have to open maps repeatedly and toggle witcher sense to progress. This here is a portrayal of half-ass-ness rather than a balance issue as games like legend of zelda handle it really well. They cater most of its player evenly. Every one have their own experiences there own narrative in that game.
A simple understanding of world and its synergy with the side missions is all what we need in witcher 3.


Danny makes some fine documentaries. Excited for their take on CD Projekt Red. Fun fact; Long before CD Projekt RED had the rights for Witcher Adrian Chimeraz (of The Astronauts) was already in the process of making a Witcher franchise. I can’t help but wonder how this series would have turned out if not for their involvement!


The overall game length seems a little too much. I had begun playing in October, 2016 and stopped playing for a while since real life came in the way. But now after getting back to the game about 2 months back, I’ve made progress but I feel guilty that, “ohh…I couldn’t do that side quest! I was eager to know what would have happened had I completed it”.

And then I went ahead to finish the main quest and all my side quests automatically failed after that since story-wise, it would be silly to be able to play them again later.

It has beautiful touches at every single point, but, because of the long-drawn period of the entire game, I get tired playing sometimes. I love the game, no denying that! I keep listening to the soundtracks when I design my own games at work, but ugh… The length!

A game like say, Arkham Asylum, is something I finished in a single day. But it stays even today in my memory as being a beautifully crafted game.

Witcher 3 would stay in my memory as being beautiful and tiring :slight_smile:


i have to agree about the length, its the same reason why even skyrim didn’t appeal to me. but these days its kinda mandatory that AAA games have ‘a lot things to do’.

Dark Souls 1 was a title where I didn’t feel this even for a single moment. Even though the world was large no quest felt like a chore to do, but sadly the sequels didn’t acknowledge that point.


The game is an RPG(RPG-ish actually, skyrim or Gothic are some better examples of an RPG ) and not to be compared to games which don’t fall in this genre. Arkham asylum is an action adventure. A true RPG is something which makes you play a part of a large world where you pick which part you want to play. You can be a lazy person make your house, marry, adopt kids and gift them knifes to play with. :sweat_smile:
This games finds a sweet spot which between True RPG and Adventure Genre and attracts both Action-Adventure game players and also RPG players.
But actually this is an RPG -ish more than an Action-Adventure.
So that is one reason why this game is a long content filled game with plethora of things to do.