Design Portfolio Links



Finding an artist to work with can, at times, be a difficult task! :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be awesome if you can share a link to your portfolio, as a reply to this thread.

Just paste a url and you should be ready to go. If there is no preview image or description that comes up, please feel free to paste/write one yourself.



this is for game design right?


yes this is for game design :slight_smile: primarily :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not going to stop people from posting things which are related, even vaguely/directly related. Like maybe a furniture designer designing toys or games embedded etc, for an example :smiley:



Hey there,
Harshit this side, a budding game designer as i am still a fresher. Looking for a mentor or an environment which could help me break my dormancy (help me grow i mean, biology jokes :grin:) and also help me achieve my dream.
Here i am linking my portfolio website link.

P.S: i don’t know if i have linked it correctly or not.
Have a great day.:blush:

The website is still under work.


Akshay here, a fresher and person who loves making games with uniques mechanics :robot:.

The Link to my portfolio :


I do game design, visual design and 2D art here is the link to my portfolio: